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Oilfield HUB is an online community uniting a membership of suppliers, and their customers, who are interested in a more effective way to promote their company and close more sales.

Get more results in the HUB!

Operators want to source products and services with companies like yours in the HUB!

They are interested in real-time online access to:

all of the services, supplies and rentals your company offers

a current list of all of your people who they need to deal with at your company

branch and service locations where they can source your products and services

Operators are looking to the HUB for better ways to communicate, collaborate and Do Business with their suppliers

Oilfield HUB - The Inside Track

The HUB is your prospect pipeline to preferred vendor status!

Check out the service, supplies and rentals we discovered for your company. Are there more?

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As a service provider to numerous Energy related business’ it’s difficult to identify firms with a genuine interest in my/our product offerings (Employee Benefits). My Oilfield HUB membership allows for members of the “HUB” community to reach out and solicit information from us rather than us attempting to cold call to hundreds of perspective customers. The community generates a great deal of efficiency!

Dave Musgrave, Senior Employee Benefits Specialist, Partner
Renfrew Insurance

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