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Learn the in’s and out’s of responding to bid requests, orders, and sourcing inquiries in the HUB!

Experience first hand a live sample order!


One of our HUB experts will …….


send you an incoming order directly to your Inbox


show you how quick and easy it is to respond to the order


send you an order confirmation to close out the live demo


Just fill in your contact information and your sample order will arrive in your Inbox by the next business day.


No scheduling, phone calls or meetings required.


Want to see more ……. Play around with our live demo HUB Microsites.

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Our Service Guarantee …….
To get to know our members in Oilfield HUB and Oilfield PULSE and to assist your marketing efforts to obtain at least one deal (PO) or new customer to cover the cost of your Oilfield HUB membership each year. Operators are waiting for you to Join the HUB today!

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