When the oil patch is looking for services, supplies or rentals, and buyers need to connect with laser-like precision to the right people in your company, Oilfield HUB is the place to be!

Drive more exploration and production companies to your door! Guide your customers and their key decision makers to find and source your products and services


Doing Business in the HUB Video Image

Leverage your online presence in the HUB with existing customers and prospective Operators to:

increase revenues and close more sales

get the largest possible share of their capital and operating budgets

increase the frequency they purchase from your company

decrease the intervals between the times they purchased from you last

Bottom Line …….. increased efficiencies and                                 profitability!

Never miss an opportunity to respond to a bid request,
order or inquiry again! Here’s how!


Take a look at your locations and people we loaded into the HUB. Are there more?

Enter your HUB Search name to view your Contacts and Branches

Oilfield HUB addresses the missing link between suppliers and energy companies. Busy operations managers don’t have time to waste tracking down vendors or flipping through the yellow pages.

Mickey Sutherland, President, CEO
Pajak Engineering

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